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Members drive the WMMA programs and services that have a positive impact on their businesses, the industry and U.S. manufacturing. Committee and Task Force structures, comprised of interested and active leaders, professionals and executives from member companies, help to channel the many ideas, areas, and topics that members use to address the challenges of the global marketplace. WMMA's dedicated volunteers are an integral part of the Association's continued success.

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Membership in WMMA helps us run our business better and we save money as well. It is just that simple. We save money because our annual $550 cost of membership is more than offset by the 20% savings we realize on our IWF space cost. We run our business better because WMMA gives us access to information, programs and specific assistance normally available only to large companies. The range of programs helps us be better marketers, exporters and safer manufacturers. Another important value is the networking opportunities among fellow members all year long, and also the concentrated networking opportunities with dealers, importers and manufacturers at the annual Woodworking Industry Conference. In summary, it is our belief that membership in WMMA contributes to our bottom line and enhances our company products and programs.

Peter Perez, President
Carter Products


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