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Member Testimonials

People Are Talking About the Benefits of WMMA Membership!

WMMA has something for everyone—tooling and machinery manufacturers, industry suppliers, trade press and more.

Look at what these satisfied members have to say about the benefits of belonging to the Wood Machinery Manufacturers of America. It's the best return on investment on membership dues!

When some WMMA® members were asked what WMMA® has done especially well, here's what they had to say...

Of particular interest and use has been the monthly newsletters. They are very comprehensive. Also beneficial are the "How To" Brochures.
-Archie Thompson
Southeastern Adhesives Company

Kris Hanchette, Executive Vice President
MultiCam, Inc.

The WMMA has something for everyone. MultiCam joined the WMMA many years ago to get the show discount. It was simple math, you get 20% off the booth and another organization to add to your list. For years WMMA just stood for “show discount” in my mind. Over time I started to read the newsletters and the industry tailored economic reports. Then a few years back one of the WMMA members reached out to me and I started to get more involved. I found that the organization offered much more then the show discount, there was a wealth of data and support to help grow our company. Attending the WIC Conference really put the icing on the cake. Since then I have valued the networking opportunities, the domestic and international business support, and much, much more. I believe that any manufacture large or small can benefit from what the WMMA has to offer.

Chris Hacker, Vice President
JLT Clamps

One of the greatest benefits of being a WMMA Member is the networking with so many talented and successful people. In a short period of time I have been fortunate to share ideas and business strategies with leaders from the woodworking industry. Whether you’re from a small or large company the WMMA offers many great benefits to its members. It has been worthwhile to meet with managers from other companies to learn new business practices to implement in our own business.

I have been a Committee member since 1997. In addition to the people I meet, I enjoy getting a better understanding of what's going in our industry through committee meetings, newsletters and WIC.

Jamie Scott, Corporate Officer
Air Handling Systems

Our company has been a member of WMMA as long as I can recall. The IWF space discount pays for the membership alone. However WMMA is MUCH more than that. I have found it to be an invaluable resource. I first found networking in the (then) Marketing Committee. I have grown with the organization and now serve on the Business Development Committee and Board of Directors. The economic data coming from the Business Development Committee is truly priceless. Nowhere else have I found data as knowledgeable and helpful in helping forecast our business’ future. I have always thought I have gotten at least five times my membership dues in return value without even trying. My involvement with a committee basically doubles that return. Any member who is not getting a substantial return on their membership dues investment is not reading the Cutting Edge or involved in any number of committees or events including WIC, the Fall meetings or Annual Legislative DC Fly-in.

Jim Muenchow, Technical Sales
Franklin Adhesives Industrial
Division of Franklin International

We at Franklin Adhesives have been WMMA® members for several years and feel strongly that the small monetary investment required has provided copious returns. We are not machinery manufacturers but the opportunity to exchange expertise in our individual areas of this industry have solved application problems more than once. Where better to do this than the WIC?

WMMA® keeps us in the loop regarding personnel and machine announcements, export opportunities, and legislative action. The member directory is a great opportunity for exposure worldwide. Many of the WMMA® programs do not apply to our segment of the industry, but even excluding these items we obtain enough information to make membership a bargain.

Peter Perez, President
Carter Products

Membership in WMMA® helps us run our business better and we save money as well. It is just that simple. We save money because our annual $550 cost of membership is more than offset by the 20% savings we realize on our IWF space cost. We run our business better because WMMA® gives us access to information, programs and specific assistance normally available only to large companies. The range of programs helps us be better marketers, exporters and safer manufacturers. Another important value is the networking opportunities among fellow members all year long, and also the concentrated networking opportunities with dealers, importers and manufacturers at the annual Woodworking Industry Conference. In summary, it is our belief that membership in WMMA® contributes to our bottom line and enhances our company products and programs.