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Membership Eligibility Requirements

In considering an enterprise for Membership, the following categories or groups are those which the Board of Directors has preliminarily identified as likely to have a common interest with the Association:

Manufacturer —– Any business entity which manufactures or assembles, at a facility located in North America, machinery, cutting tools or supplies used in the fabrication or processing of wood or similar materials shall be eligible to apply to become a Manufacturer Member of WMMA, provided, however, that such entity may not be wholly or partially owned, directly or indirectly, by an entity organized under the laws of or headquartered in a jurisdiction outside of North America.

Associate — The following shall be considered categories of membership. Associate Members shall not be entitled to vote, except with respect to the election of an Associate Member representative on the WMMA Board of Directors. Further, no more than one Associate Member may be represented on the Association's Board of Directors at any one time

The Board of Directors shall have final discretion to determine the appropriate membership category for any current member or applicant for membership.

ALL Members shall have ALL of the privileges of membership and their representatives shall have the right to participate in Committees, chair a Committee/Task Force or hold office in the Association including be Officers or Directors subject to By-Laws.

ALL Members are also eligible for Member discounts on booth rentals at the Association-sponsored International Woodworking Fair and other association related events or programs.