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Public Policy Committee

Chairman: Tony Sutton
Vice Chair: Jamison Scott

Committee Mission

The Public Policy Committee contributes to the WMMA's mission and strategic goals by representing the WMMA's position on federal and state legislative and regulatory matters affecting the industry, as well as keeping members informed of developments which will impact their businesses.

The Public Policy Committee conducts an annual Public Policy Fly-In where members meet with their representatives in Washington, D.C., and partners with other groups, such as the Small Business Legislative Council (SBLC) and the National Association of Manufacturers' Council of Manufacturing Associations, to advocate for a strong and competitive U.S. manufacturing base.

WMMA Washington, DC Fly In Information Presentation

2018 Advocacy Briefs

Committee Members

Steve Carter
Mark Chappell
Dan Christensen
Brian Donahue
Karl Forth
Jim Laster

Tony McGrew
Jeff Onsrud
Alex Robertson
John Schultz
Jamie Scott
Paul Wilmes

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