Membership Development Committee

Chairman: Chris Hacker
Vice Chairman: Todd Phalen

Committee Mission

To strengthen WMMA® membership participation, retention and recruitment by developing, implementing and supporting new and existing membership benefits. The Committee makes suggestions, observations, and recommendations about membership benefits and activities to the Board of Directors. It promotes existing membership benefits directly to the membership, and promotes our members products to the woodworking marketplace through advertising. To provide identified management tools and information to member companies, which allow them to better develop their businesses. The Committee looks at the profit and cost sides of business; provides guidance to members in finding new sources of revenue; and supplies members with programs enabling increased efficiency and profitability.

Among the WMMA's current goals and programs:

  • Recruitment and Member Retention
  • Branding WMMA to Members
  • WIC Task Force
  • Marketing Task Force
  • IWF Task Force
  • Technology Task Force
  • Industry Survey Project
  • Leasing
  • Revenue Generation

Committee Members

Rory Beglin
John Branch
Gordon Burdis
Mark Chappell
Dick Cowan
Brad Ferguson
Tim Fixmer
Chris Hacker
Rhonda Joslin

Steve King
Kerry Knudsen
Shawn Larkin
Todd Phalen
Alex Robertson
Jamie Scott
Renee Stritar
Robin Sun
Russ Suor

To volunteer for this committee, please click here.