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Combustible Dust Committee

Chairman: Jamison Scott, jscott@airhand.com

Committee Goal

To keep members updated on the legal and safety issues regarding dust issues including combustible dust. Wood dust has become an issue that is at the forefront of today's public policy rule makers. “Combustible dusts are fine particles that present an explosion hazard when suspended in air under certain conditions according to OSHA. However, according to the OSHA Combustible Dust ANPR (Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking), Page 30, "No single, universally accepted definition of combustible dust is available. Even among standard promulgated by the same standards-developing organization, the definitions vary significantly." The WMMA Industrial Dust Task Force encourages you to get involved as this may affect your business and the business of your customers.

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Committee Members

Dick Cowan (Other volunteers welcome)

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